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In a world where the web has become complex and omnipresent, it's hard to stay up to date with the latest trends and evolutions. Our mission is to streamline technology by developing simple tools which allow any local business to focus on its core business.
  • Jean-Charles Vanderlinden

    Founder, Business

    Jean-Charles Vanderlinden
    Jean-Charles started CentralApp. He is responsible for operations and partnerships. Prior to CentralApp he was a strategy consultant. Jean-Charles was also active in the Solvay Business Game and the Start-up weekend.

    He keeps his Zen by practicing yoga on a daily basis.
  • Pablo Castiel Gazier

    Founder, Growth

    Pablo Castiel Gazier
    Pablo is responsible for marketing and sales. He joined CentralApp after gaining great experience in consumer goods companies such as L'Oreal and P&G.

    He previously founded the Solvay Business Game.
  • Ashesh Ambasta

    Founder, Engineering

    Ashesh Ambasta
    Ashesh is in charge of the back-end and infrastructure at CentralApp. Previously, Ashesh worked for prominent start-ups in India and Belgium.

    He is passionate about functional programming, photography and electronic music.
  • Quentin De Smedt

    Founder, Product

    Quentin De Smedt
    Quentin is in charge of the product and front-end technologies. Prior to joining CentralApp, he worked as lead developer in various agencies and as a freelancer.

    He is passionate about start-ups, ergonomics and freediving.
  • Antoine de Halleux

    Customer Success Manager

    Antoine de Halleux
  • Louise Buyle

    Regional Manager

    Louise Buyle
  • Brecht Serckx

    Back-end Developer

    Brecht Serckx
  • Julio Expósito López

    Business Developer

    Julio Expósito López
  • Hortense Mathien

    Business Developer

    Hortense Mathien
  • Alexandre de Mari

    Account Executive

    Alexandre de Mari
  • Emma Maury

    Business Developer

    Emma Maury
  • Alexandre Thillay

    Business Developer

    Alexandre Thillay
  • Anna Cremin

    Business Developer

    Anna Cremin
  • Venance Gaunet

    Business Developer

    Venance Gaunet
  • Clara Huck

    Business Developer

    Clara Huck
  • Eliott Devret

    Account Executive

    Eliott Devret
  • Cristina Benet

    Business Developer

    Cristina Benet
  • Simon Dezoteux

    Business Developer

    Simon Dezoteux
  • Solange Lin Lai Yat

    Business Developer

    Solange Lin Lai Yat
  • Eduardo Gago

    Business Developer

    Eduardo Gago
  • Pauline Grenier

    Business Developer

    Pauline Grenier
  • Simon Heude

    Business Developer

    Simon Heude
  • Thibaud Guillois

    Business Developer

    Thibaud Guillois
  • Isabel Anós

    Account Executive

    Isabel Anós
  • Raphaël Constantin

    Business Developer

    Raphaël Constantin
  • Tom Jourde

    Business Developer

    Tom Jourde
  • François Moine

    Front-end Developer

    François Moine
  • Apolline Poignonnec

    Business Developer

    Apolline Poignonnec
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Investors and advisors

They believe in us.

  • Grégoire de Streel

    Grégoire de Streel
  • Jean Zurstrassen

    Jean Zurstrassen
  • Thomas Vanderlinden

    Thomas Vanderlinden
Entrepreneurs since 1995, the Belcube partners, Jean Zurstrassen and Grégoire de Streel, have launched, developed and sold several technology companies such as Skynet, Keytrade and Ogone. They know the challenges of the entrepreneurial adventure. Thomas Vanderlinden meanwhile founded the management company Mercier Vanderlinden in 1999 and is currently its managing partner.

They have invested in CentralApp and are coaching us to develop the company.


Our development philosophy

  • scala
  • node-js
  • haskell
  • aws
  • react
CentralApp is built on top of solid technological foundations and choices, based on the lessons learned by our team and other teams at large scale and high-growth companies.

Our technological stack allows us to deliver new features at a high pace while preserving a high standard of performances, scalability and maintainability.

Our offices

Visit us!

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Brussels, in the Dansaert Center in the Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood. We also have offices in Paris, in the neighbourhood of Les Halles.
Brussels office
7 Rue d'Alost
1000 Brussels
Paris office
62 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 Paris