Offer a contactless menu to your customers, visible on their smartphone thanks to a QR Code

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QR Code Menu - Contactless Menu

The menu of your restaurant accessible online through a QR Code

The COVID19 crisis makes it necessary to set up contactless menus .
A menu available online and accessible through a QR code that restaurant owner can update at any time is therefore one of the essential services to come out of this crisis

We create your QRCode

We create an online page which includes your menus as well as a QR Code unique to your restaurant as well as the accesses allowing you to update your menus at any time

Display the QR Code

You can place a QR Code on each table using a table easel or sticker , you can also print it on a small A5 flyer

Clients scan the code

The customer scans the QR code using his phone and the mini-site set up by CentralApp opens automatically and the customer can browse the different maps to make his choice

Change your menu in real-time you will never have to reprint a new QRCode

Features designed to make your life easier

A login to update your menu
Have you just changed your menu? Be free to modify your menus 24 hours a day, as many times as you want!
Support up to 8 languages
Do you have a touristic clientele? You can enable French, English, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, ...
Several menus
You have several menus, wine list, etc. that you want to make available. No worries, there is no limitation!
Online in minutes
No need to wait days and pay additional fees to put your menu online and create a QR Code, it is available in a few minutes
A mini-site that uses your colors
A design that includes your colors in order to offer your customers an adapted experience.
Syncronized with your website
If you use CentralApp to manage your website or online presence, only one update for both systems is required
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