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Privacy Policy

1. General clause.

1.1 This Privacy Policy governs the processing of personal data by Centralapp SA, with registered offices at 1050 brussels, Avenue Louise 54, a company listed in the Belgian Trade and Companies Register under number 0545.941.437 ( hereafter “CENTRALAPP” ).

1.2 The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to specify which categories of personal data CENTRALAPP collects through its business activities and its website (, subdomains and/or folders, applications, services and any other means relating to information or communication, including emails (hereinafter the “Website”). It also describes how such data may be processed and disclosed to others. The Privacy Policy further sets out the different measures CENTRALAPP has implemented to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the personal data it collects.

1.3 CENTRALAPP cares about the privacy of the visitors of its website and those whose personal data may be collected (hereafter “Visitor” or “you” or “your”) and will only collect and process personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

1.4 CENTRALAPP is to be considered as the controller of the personal data and will act in accordance with the provisions of:

  • The Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data (hereinafter: Privacy Act) as modified by the Act of December 11th, 1998 and the Act of June 13th 2005 on the electronic communication.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in application since the 25th of May 2018.
  • and as further specified in this Privacy Policy.

2. Consent – Third party websites

2.1. If you use this Website as a visitor, or you decide to sign up or register or you choose to disclose information on this Website, you agree with the use of these data in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.

2.2. CENTRALAPP reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at all times, without any prior warning in order to comply with the (changing) legal obligations and/or to improve our service towards you. We therefore advise you to consult the Website on a regular basis.

2.3. Please note that this Website may contain links to other websites digital platforms or Internet resources which may collect personal data voluntarily or through cookies or other technologies. CENTRALAPP has no responsibility, liability for, or control over those other websites or Internet resources or their collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. CENTRALAPP recommends you to review the privacy policies of those other websites and Internet resources to understand how they collect and use personal data.

3. Personal data collected by CENTRALAPP.

3.1 The categories of personal data that may be collected are:
About a Visitor’s computer and use of the Website, such as IP-addresses, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, length and date of visit, page views and website navigation, …..
Provided by the Visitor when visiting of the Website, using the services provided by CENTRALAPP or communicating with CENTRALAPP. This includes data such as: name, email, phone number, country, profile, bank account number, … 3.2 The use of cookies and web beacons by CENTRALAPP is further specified in the Cookie Policy.

3.3 Visitors can’t disclose personal data to CENTRALAPP about another person unless this person has consented to this in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3.4 CENTRALAPP will not collect any sensitive data. This includes data such as: data relating to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or sexual orientation from Visitors. CENTRALAPP will, if necessary, obtain your explicit consent to collect such data.

4. Purpose of the processing.

4.1 CENTRALAPP acts as the controller for the processing of personal data and will process these data for the following purposes: user administration, market research, enhance the functionalities of CENTRALAPP’s services, to provide third parties with statistical information about our Visitors, direct marketing among which the sending of a newsletter, the improvement of the content and the quality of the Website and services, enhance a better compatibility of the Website and services to the interests, needs and desires of its Visitors and accurately tracking, improving and completing the personal data as required by law.

4.2. CENTRALAPP will ensure that for its marketing activities it will comply with the applicable legislation and that it will obtain the necessary authorizations before the Visitor receives any emails or other electronic communication from CENTRALAPP or one of its partners. You can demand at any time to stop the sending of such information.

5. The Visitor’s rights.

5.1. Each Visitor has the right to access, modify, correct and delete his or her data. He or she can also, free of charge and upon request, oppose him or herself against the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. These data can be transmitted to third parties within the limits and conditions as set out under section 6 of this Privacy Policy, except in case of an opposition hereto. The aforementioned right can be exercised by writing to CENTRALAPP at the following email address accompanied by a copy of the front side of his or her identity card.

5.2. CENTRALAPP takes all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data which are disclosed by the Visitor. However, each Visitor recognizes that the disclosure of personal data via the internet is not without any risks. The Visitor consequently acknowledges that CENTRALAPP cannot be held accountable or liable for any potential direct and indirect damage he/she would suffer as a consequence of an illegal or illegitimate use of his/her data by third parties who do not have the authorization to use these data.

6. Disclosure of personal data.

6.1. Although CENTRALAPP may transfer personal data to so-called service providers who process data in its name, CENTRALAPP will not share data with third parties for secondary or unrelated purposes unless otherwise stated when collecting these data.

6.2. Where appropriate or required, CENTRALAPP will be entitled to transmit personal data to law enforcement authorities, regulatory or other government agencies, or third parties where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations or in the context of the above-mentioned purposes.

7. Retention period.

CENTRALAPP does not store the data longer than legally admissible and in any case not longer than required for the purposes mentioned hereafter.

8. International data transfers.

8.1 CENTRALAPP will not transfer any personal data to countries which do not have data protection laws equivalent to those in force in the European Economic Area.

8.2 The personal data may be stored and processed within the European Economic Area insofar this is necessary to achieve or compatible with the purposes of the processing.

9. Security of data

9.1. CENTRALAPP uses generally accepted and reasonable methods consistent with current technological developments with regard to the operational security to offer protection against loss, abuse, alteration or destruction of all information submitted by Visitors.

9.2 The Visitor acknowledges that the transmission of data over the internet is inherently insecure, and we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet.

10. Registration with the supervisory authority.

10.1 CENTRALAPP has registered its business activities as a data controller with the Belgian Privacy Commission.

10.2 This declaration can be consulted in the public register on the following website:

11. Amendments to the Privacy Policy.

CENTRALAPP may update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version on the Website. We recommend that you regularly check the Privacy Policy as those changes are binding upon you.

12. Visitors’ questions

If you should have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the feeling that your interests are not or inadequately represented, you can address all your questions to CENTRALAPP at the following email address

13. Competent Court and Applicable Law

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by - and construed in accordance with - the Belgian legislation.

The competent courts for disputes regarding this Privacy Policy will be the courts of Brussels, unless otherwise imposed by mandatory statutory provisions.

Cookie Policy

1. General information

1.1 This Cookie Policy governs the usage of cookies by Centralapp SA, with registered offices at 1050 Brussels, Avenue Louise 54, a company listed in the Belgian Trade and Companies Register under number 0545.941.437 (hereafter “CENTRALAPP”) through its website, subdomains and/or folders, applications, services and any other means relating to information or communication (hereinafter the “Website”).

1.2 Cookies are being collected from the Visitors of this website in accordance with the provisions of this Cookie Policy.

2. How CENTRALAPP uses cookies

2.1 What are cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a Visitor’s web browser. When the Visitor browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the Visitor’s previous activity. It helps the website to remember information about the Visitor’s visit. The Vistor can choose to turn cookies on or off. Cookies do not typically contain any information that personally identifies a Visitor, but personal information that we store about you may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies. Further information on cookies can be found on or

2.2 Purposes of the use of cookies
CENTRALAPP uses cookies to remember the preferences of the Visitor on this Website and to show more relevant services and offers. Cookies are also being used to enable the Visitor to move around the Website and to provide certain features. Another use of cookies is to secure a safe visit on the Website. They also help us to optimize a visit to the website from the Visitor.

3. Which information is being collected?

3.1 Cookies may include clicking on particular buttons, logging in or a record of which pages were visited by the Visitor.

3.2 This cookie policy is in accordance with the Belgian law (Belgian Act of 10/07/2012 laying down provisions on electronic communications, BS 20/9/2012).

4. Which types of cookies are being used?

Name Category of use Description Example
Strictly necessary cookies Security Processes These cookies are strictly necessary to enable the Visitor to move around the Website or to provide certain requested features
Tracking cookies Preferences These cookies outlast Visitor sessions. If a persistent cookie has its max-age set to 1 year, then, within that year the initial value set in that cookie will be sent back to the server every time you visit the server. This is used to record a vital piece of information such as how a Visitor initially came to this Website. Preferred language: once the Visitor has selected his preferred language the persistent cookie will ensure that once revisiting the website the content is delivered in the preferred language of the Visitor.
Performance cookies Analytics These cookies help to improve the performance of the Website, providing a better Visitor experience. Google Analytics helps CENTRALAPP to analyze how Visitors use the website. It registers the number of visitors and tell things about their behavior overall, such as the typical length of a visit or the average number of pages a Visitor views.
Authentication, Security, and Compliance Intended to prevent fraud, protect your data from unauthorized parties, and comply with legal requirements or example, we use Cookies to determine if you are logged in.
Functionality cookies Notifications Intended to allow or prevent notices of information or options that we think could improve your use of the Service For example, we use a Cookie that stops us from showing you the signup notification if you have already seen it.
Targeting cookies Advertising Intended to make advertising more relevant to users and more valuable to advertisers For example, we may use Cookies to serve you interest-based ads, such as ads that are displayed to you based on your visits to other websites, or to tell us if you have recently clicked on an ad.

5. Managing cookies in your browser

Some people prefer not to allow cookies. That’s why browsers give the ability to manage cookies. Please visit the websites of the different browsers to learn how to block the storage of cookies. It is also possible to delete current installed cookies on your computer.

6. Changes in the Cookie Policy

6.1 CENTRALAPP may update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version on the Website. It is recommended that Visitor check the Cookie Policy regularly.